Sunday 31/7

 18:30 Welcome Reception

Monday 01/8

 09:00 Opening
 09:15 Ulrich Heinz The smallest of the Little Bangs: thermalization and collective flow in pp and pA collisions (??!)
 10:00 Akihiko  Monnai Phenomenological signals of QCD critical point in heavy-ion collisions
10:25 Coffe Break
 10:55 Joaquin  Drut Ultracold fermions: statics, dynamics, and quantum information.
 11:40 Lorenz  Von Smekal Competing order in the fermionic Hubbard model on the hexagonal graphene lattice
 12:05 Nikhil  Karthik Scale-invariance of three-dimensional QED
12:30 Lunch
 14:00 Olaf  Kaczmarek Lattice constraints on the thermal photon rate
 14:25 Atsuro  Ikeda Charm quark diffusion coefficient and relaxation time on the quenched lattice
 14:50 Victor  Braguta Temperature dependence of shear viscosity in SU(3)-gluodynamics
 15:15 Yusuke  Taniguchi QCD energy momentum tensor at finite temperature using gradient flow
15:40 Coffe Break
 16:10 Jorge  Casalderrey Solana Collisions in Non-conformal Theories: Hydrodynamization without Equilibration
 16:35 Seyong  Kim Lattice NRQCD study of thermal Sommerfeld factor
 17:00 Kazuya  Mameda Novel chiral structure realized by rotation
 17:25 Poster session

Tuesday 02/8

09:00 Biagio  Lucini A density of state approach to the sign problem
09:45 Philippe  De Forcrand The density of states method applied to the Ising model with an imaginary magnetic field
10:10 Helvio Vairinhos Lattice QED with dual variables
10:35 Coffe Break
11:05 Yuya  Tanizaki Recent progress of Lefschetz-thimble path integral and refine complex Langevin method
11:50 Paulo  Bedaque Solving the sign problem by going with the flow
12:15 Giovanni  Eruzzi Progress in thimble regularization: a new algorithm, 0+1 QCD and beyond
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Anders  Hansen Infinite dimensional/continuous compressed sensing in physics
14:45 Hiromichi  Nishimura Complex spectrum of QCD at finite density
15:10 Keitaro  Nagata Gauge cooling for the singular-drift problem in the complex Langevin method
15:35 Coffe Break
16:05 Donald  Sinclair Complex Langevin for Lattice QCD at T=0 and mu>0 .
16:30 Felipe  Attanasio Results on the heavy-dense QCD phase diagram using complex Langevin
16:55 Panel discussion
19:00 Conference Dinner

Wednesday 03/8

 09:00 Claudia  Ratti Bulk properties of strongly interacting matter: recent results from lattice QCD
 09:45 Christian  Schmidt The QCD equation of state and fluctuations of conserved charges at non-vanishing temperature and density
 10:10 Claudio  Bonati Theta dependence in the deconfined phase of QCD
10:35 Coffe Break
 11:05 Daniel Nogradi Finite temperature lattice QCD review
 11:50 Bastian  Brandt The phase diagram of QCD with isospin chemical potential
 12:15 Guido  Cossu Anderson localisation of Dirac eigenmodes in high temperature QCD
12:40 Lunch
 14:00 George  Fleming Dark Matter from the lattice
 14:45 Jarno  Rantaharju Lattice results for SU(2) dark matter
 15:10 Jong-Wan  Lee Parity doubling in two-color and two-flavor gauge theory at high temperature
15:35 Coffe Break
 16:00 Kohtaroh  Miura Critical Phenomena in 8-Flavour QCD
 16:25 Yoshifumi  Nakamura Critical endline of the finite temperature phase transition for 2+1 flavor QCD around the SU(3)-flavor symmetric point
 16:50 Massimo D’Elia QCD Phase Diagram and Imaginary Chemical Potentials
17:15 Closing